Degree/training: Associate of Science, w/Biotechnology certification (Pre-med studies)

Career Aspiration: Research Physician in Oncology

Why did you choose your career path? Early on I knew I wanted to go into the healthcare field to bring healing to those who are sick. During high school and my first year of college I found my passion lies in cellular biology and biotechnology processes. I believe health is a complex multi-factor institution of the human body, however observing the smallest increment of life can lead to discoveries about large networks that contribute to health. I aspire to specialize in diseases that begin at the cellular level, namely oncology.

Where did you hear about a health career path and how did you enter this path? Going to my pediatrician as a child was never an exciting experience, however these appointments, as well as my mother being a nurse, introduced me to the field of health at an early age. As I learned about the path to become a doctor, I was inspired and knew I would be a good fit because I loved science and wanted to be a part of something bigger
than myself to help those who are sick. I am still in an early stage of my academic career, however I entered this path a long time ago when I dedicated myself to the challenge that becoming a doctor would be. I continue to follow this path when I learn more about the human system in class and the amount of which is unknown or still yet to be discovered inspires me further.

What advice would you give those who are guiding students into health careers? believe that there is not enough education on the expanse of health careers that are entwined with every discipline. Health science is not limited to nursing and doctoral degrees, but even business, statistics, chemistry, phycology, history, etc. There are so many aspects to health in modern society and those who want to work in the health sciences should know that!

Did you start to think about this career path in middle school? Yes! In second grade I knew I wanted to become a scientist, which later led to the idea of becoming a doctor even before middle school. I was not aware of the exact path that I would need to follow until later in high school, but I was told even then that I would be in school for a really long time and this never scared me because I loved school, especially the sciences.

Describe any volunteer experiences that contributed to your decision to pursue training in a health career? During high school, before Covid-19, I volunteered at Friendship Health, a hospice for the elderly. During my time there I worked with nurses to provide basic care for the patients and I loved every second of the patient-nurse relationship. I learned about HIPAA regulation and the importance of bedside manner. I also received a first hand account of the fast paced environment of a team of healthcare professionals. This experience pushed me further into pursuing medicine. Unfortunately, due to covid I have not experienced volunteering in a hospital, but that is my next goal to get more experience with the world of medicine.

What high school courses do you feel helped you? Health/Nutrition, Biology, Chemistry

What courses do you wish you took to prepare you for current health career training? I wish I took EMT courses during my time in high school to allow me to receive more experience and training in medicine.