Degree/training: Certified nursing assistant, Certified clinical medical assistant

Career Aspiration: My end goal is to either have my RN-BSN, or be a nurse practitioner

Why did you choose your career path? I chose this career path because I enjoy the patient - nurse interaction, there is a trusted relationship that becomes developed through time. I enjoy being able to be there for someone through difficult times and how to guide them in the right direction. I also find the science on how the human body functions and disease processes very interesting and I'm always eager to learn more.

Where did you hear about a health career path and how did you enter this path? When I was in middle school I traveled to Colorado to watch a family member graduate nursing school and it was so special! It pushed me to start applying to programs and doing research in joining the field.

What advice would you give those who are guiding students into health careers? Showing students many options when it comes to schooling or careers, some careers require a lot of school, that might not be for all. What options that have a good career but not extensive schooling?

Did you start to think about this career path in middle school? Yes, this is when I decided I wanted to explore this career field. At the high school I attended, there was a technical school you could apply for your sophomore year and it was free, they took us on the bus daily.

Describe any volunteer experiences that contributed to your decision to pursue training in a health career? When I was enrolled in the CNA course and we had to do a certain amount of clinical hours

What high school courses do you feel helped you? Biology

What courses do you wish you took to prepare you for current health career training? I wish I was enrolled into community college courses when I was a (high school) junior and senior, that way I could have also graduated with an associates degree.