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George Mason University's Center for Health Workforce Receives $921,000 HRSA Grant

By Maria Abramova posted 04-23-2024 11:52


Exciting news for the George Mason University community! The Center for Health Workforce has been awarded a substantial grant of $921,000 from the Health Services Research Administration (HRSA). This grant, received as part of a federal initiative to address healthcare workforce shortages, underscores Mason's commitment to tackling critical issues in the healthcare sector.


The funding will serve as a catalyst for regional health workforce planning and development, aiming to understand and address challenges related to the supply, demand, distribution, and deployment of healthcare workers in Virginia. With a collaborative approach involving various stakeholders such as health and educational organizations, policymakers, and community planners, the center will work towards expanding and retaining the health workforce in the region.

Dr. P.J. Maddox, co-director of Mason’s Center for Health Workforce and a professor of nursing, emphasized the significance of this strategic investment in meeting community needs and ensuring the provision of essential healthcare services. She expressed gratitude to Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine for their support in securing the grant.


The grant will enable the center to expand its support to all nine GO Virginia regions, fostering collaboration in economic and workforce development activities. By addressing immediate workforce shortages and implementing long-term strategic planning, Mason aims to mitigate existing health disparities and improve access to quality care across Virginia.


This achievement highlights Mason's leadership in healthcare workforce development, setting a precedent for effective planning and collaboration across diverse regions. The center plans to utilize the funding to develop employer-led public-private partnerships, enhance communication between academic institutions and employers, and leverage data-driven strategies for recruitment and retention.